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Who We Are

As a team that spans four generations, we are a part of the community of professionals, philanthropists, business owners, and families who make Huntsville so interesting; a mix of Southern tradition combined with forward-looking growth. We are deeply dedicated to our clients and are trusted partners with the individuals, families and businesses we serve while providing financial advice and investment guidance as true fiduciaries.

Like Huntsville, our firm continues to evolve and grow. Our success is based on decades of experience and more importantly, relationships; as we have brought on a new generation of advisors, we focused on those two qualities to help ensure the integrity of the firm. We've helped generations of Huntsville families while growing our service model to provide advice and planning for the new generation of professionals discovering what a vibrant city Huntsville can be.


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What We Value

What We Value Pillar 1


Serving others is at the center of all we do. We care for people beyond their expectations and look for opportunities to engage our clients and peers in meaningful ways.

Measurable Behaviors

  • We care for the needs of clients and team members and intentionally look for ways to provide our support.
  • We often step outside of our traditional roles as we work to deliver a standard of excellence.
  • We proactively care for our clients’ needs and provide ongoing solutions.
What We Value Pillar 1


We protect and project honesty and honor; putting the interest of others ahead of our own.

Measurable Behaviors

  • We speak and act with dignity and respect towards clients and team members.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments and actions.
  • We put the best interest of clients first and work collectively toward common goals.
What We Value Pillar 1


We value intentional and long last lasting relationships, willingly making sacrifices for our clients and the success of the team.

Measurable Behaviors

  • We are committed to a task from start to finish.
  • We have the humility to accept a difference of opinion and intentionally work through challenges for the betterment of the team.
  • We focus on the long-term growth and sustainability of our clients and our firm when making decisions.
What We Value Pillar 1


We believe education is a lifelong pursuit and are committed to the ongoing improvement of ourselves and our organization.

Measurable Behaviors

  • We respond to challenges with a willingness to grow and better ourselves.
  • We embrace opportunities to learn and grow outside of our individual specialties to add value to others.
  • We teach, train, and support the development of others by sharing knowledge.
  • We embrace constructive feedback by taking personal ownership and changing behaviors to improve our contributions.

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We look forward to discussing your short and long term financial goals.


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